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Weight Management

Weight Management services offered in Brunswick, GA

Obesity is a serious health condition that  that can lead to multiple other chronic diseases.  Brunswick Medical provides medical weight management services to help individuals reach a healthy weight that improves their overall well-being.   Brunswick Medical offers weight management to people of all ages.


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Weight Management Q&A

How is weight management different from weight loss?

Weight loss is part of weight management, but weight management requires a long-term commitment and active involvement. Many people view weight loss as short-term. They follow a strict diet to drop unwanted weight quickly, only to regain those pounds when they return to their usual eating habits.

Weight management teaches you how to make reasonalbe lifestyle changes allowing you to lose weight safely while you create new habits that help you keep it off.

Our practice has experienced medical providers who take a preventive approach to care.  At Brunswick Medical we understand the connection between weight and health, thus offering weight management to treat and prevent chronic health conditions.

When should I consider medical weight management?

Consider medical weight management at Brunswick Medical if you’re having a hard time reaching your weight goals to prevent weight-related health complications or you have a health condition that will improve with weight loss.

Brunswick Medical provides weight management as part of our chronic disease management service for patients with Type 2 Diabetes, thyroid disease, and heart disease.  Our practice will create plans that help you reach your weight goals and improve your chronic disease symptoms.


What can I expect from medical weight management?

You can expect a personalized medical weight management plan from at Brunswick Medical. Before creating your program, we review your medical history, complete a physical exam, diet, and exercise habits. 

Brunswick Medical uses the information collected to create your personalized weight management plan, providing nutrition and health education.  

We will schedule follow-up visits to the office or through telehealth to monitor your progress, assist with incorporating healthy behaviors, and guide you through your weight-loss hurdles.

You can reach your weight goal and stay there with the proper support. Call Brunswick Medical today to schedule your weight management consultation.